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Speaking and Communicating

From being a nervous wreck to loving it, that’s my journey in public speaking and business presentations.

I share with you the techniques and tricks I use to be a confident – and enjoyable to listen to! – speaker, whether 1-1, to a team, on video, or on stage. With my media training and some 300 public speaking engagements behind me, I share storytelling, body language, tone and pace, and presentation tricks and the steps to speaking with influence.


While leadership qualities can be learned and refined, people skills, self-awareness and the will to improve must be ever-present.
Like any characteristic, leadership qualities are a mixture of an innate set of personality traits and what is learned. But nothing is set in stone. Even if you struggle with empathy, delegation or confidence we can work together on building these traits to be a better leader.
We will explore your strengths and areas to improve through a series of assessments, discussions and action plans. Then we will practice them.

What Is Coaching?

Coaching is about you. I won’t give you the answers or act the expert with you – although I may suggest options and ideas – as I help you discover how to make the journey yourself with my support as your guide, facilitator and collaborator. Our relationship may develop into mentoring – this is where I work with you to pass on skills,  knowledge and advice.

Career Transitioning?

  • I work with you to successfully accelerate and enhance your career in today’s changing market conditions
  • We define, position and align your personal brand to target your segment more effectively
  • We gather insights and enhanced self-awareness to understand your career anchors and how to leverage your strengths
  • We redesign your CV and social to beat the algorithms, grab human attention, and develop a channel strategy to identify the roles you want

Career Transitioning?

I work with you to:

  • Using tools, identify which are the primary roles that suit your work style and work personality
  • Build your personal brand
  • Then, rebuild your CV, social and other collateral to have impact and reflect your brand
  • Use tools to optimize the chances of your CV getting read by a human
  • Define a strategy for finding the types of opportunities that you want
  • Prepare you for the interviews with interview technique coaching


Want to improve your Leadership and Confidence?  Communication skills?

The best leaders know themselves. And they excel at communicating.

I work with you to identify your leadership strengths, perspectives, areas that can be improved, and then leverage them. You can’t sustain a work face that isn’t you – but you can leverage your strengths and improve weaker areas.

From imposter syndrome to poor communication, from visionary bias to operational bias, together we identify what you lean into, and get to the right balance.

I’ll develop your confidence, and show you how to communicate to  teams, stakeholders, and large audiences.

Single Session COACHING Plan

2 hour Session 1-1

A one-off session  followed by a tailored action plan just for you.


Career Transitioning

Follows a free initial discovery call and includes CV, NED and Social re-writes, access to evaluation exercises to discover your work style, discovering your personal brand, and an action plan for marketing yourself.

from £249

Leadership and development packages start at 4 x 90′ sessions on a 1-1 basis, and includes significant offline work between sessions for both of us.

from £459

About Me

I’m a certified, trained, coach (ICF).

I have three decades at C-Level in  leadership roles with major international brands.

I am a part-time MD, NED, and a strategic advisor to several Boards.

I manage two start-ups, and have coached several successful entrepreneurs.  I deliver powerful leadership,  behavioral and career transition coaching. My mentoring and coaching is 1-1, though on request also do team based, or peer-to-peer sessions.

I have coached and mentored entrepreneurs, CEO’s, managers or individuals in career transition, leadership, public speaking, and team dynamics.



Michael is a fantastic coach and really helped me when it came to changing careers…..and the advice he gave me to help me find my future path has been invaluable. Highly recommend his services!” Laura B

Michael is a modest man so I should like to blow the trumpet for him. Vast business experience over the years of dealings at all levels and at the human level a deep understanding of the types of personal issues that most of us experience and have to cope with alongside our business obligations.” Simon D

Working with Michael was a life changing experience. He helped me to reach new heights in my career and is trustworthy, always encouraging, and a patient and insightful guide. He also offers good value and high integrity.
I can’t thank Michael enough for the impact he’s had. I’m eternally grateful”. GM

Michael was great. He brought humour and fun to the coaching and opened my eyes to my potential (I was suffering from terrible imposter syndrome). I found my self belief and confidence, learnt some new skills, and have really started to accelerate my professional ambitions ” BB