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Whether in meetings, on stage or at seminars I share with you the techniques and tricks that turn you into a confident voice.

Using my media training and over 100 speaking engagements behind me, I share how to story-tell, use body language, tone and pace,  use powerpoint and other tips that will not only get you speaking with confidence but with influence.


Like any skill, good leadership can be learned.
To lead well, you don’t have to be the smartest person in the room. You do need Positivity, Empathy, Team leading, Confidence and coaching skills, all of which can be learnt. I’ve led teams of up to 1,000 people, and led at Board level. We’ll work together on building the traits used to be an effective and respected leader.
We will explore your strengths and areas to improve through a series of assessments, discussions and action plans.
And we will practice them.


Business Consulting

 I’ve worked for 30 years at senior levels in businesses internationally. My career includes one MD role, several executive roles and currently two Non-Exec Director roles. I have also launched 2 start-ups.

My business expertise covers Operations, Brand & Marketing, Digital, Sales, HR and Finance.

I also have a network of trusted experts in highly specialised areas such as Tax and Legal. 

Career Transitioning

We work together to focus your career choice and accelerate your preparation.

We define, position and align your personal brand to show you more effectively.

We gather insights about you to understand your career anchors, your strengths, and how to leverage.

We package your CV and social to beat the algorithms, grab attention, and we develop a channel strategy to identify the type of roles you seek

Single Session COACHING Plan

2-hour Session 1-1

A one-off session followed by a tailored action plan just for you.


Career Change

Many of my clients are capable and experienced yet frustrated by failure in the job market. Working together we change that.  We agree a plan that may include creating a personal brand, a revamped CV including How To Beat The AI training, Cover letter and Social, free access to evaluation exercises to discover your best work fit, an action plan for marketing yourself, and interview training and preparedness.

Leadership & Executive Coaching

First, a free 30′ discovery call to meet virtually and understand your needs and what I can offer. We then agree a structured plan so every session has a learning objective and success criteria.

Packages can be pay as you go or fixed for an agreed number of sessions.

About Me

I’m a certified, trained, coach (ICF).

I have three decades at C-Level in leadership roles with major international brands.

I am a part-time CEO, NED, and a strategic advisor to a couple of Boards.

I manage two start-ups and have coached several successful entrepreneurs.

I deliver powerful leadership, behavioural and career transition coaching. My mentoring and coaching are 1-1, though on request also do team-based or peer-to-peer sessions.

I have coached and mentored entrepreneurs, CEOs, managers or individuals in career transition, leadership, public speaking, and team dynamics.



Michael is a fantastic coach and really helped me when it came to changing careers…..and the advice he gave me to help me find my future path has been invaluable. Highly recommend his services!” Laura B

Michael is a modest man so I should like to blow the trumpet for him. Vast business experience over the years of dealings at all levels and at the human level a deep understanding of the types of leadership issues that most of us experience and have to cope with …” Simon D

Working with Michael was a life changing experience. He helped me to reach new heights in my career and is trustworthy, always encouraging, and a patient and insightful guide. I can’t thank Michael enough for the impact he’s had. I’m eternally grateful”. GM

Michael was great. He brought humour and fun to the coaching and opened my eyes to my potential (I was suffering from terrible imposter syndrome). I found my self belief and confidence, learnt some new skills, and have really started to accelerate my professional ambitions ” BB